Decided to squeeze in one more post before it was November. ๐Ÿ™‚
People have been asking for my synopsis quite a bit (a.k.a. both of my parents ;)) So here’s what I posted on the Nanowrimo site:

Since she was born, Lynnette has lived in the seaside town of Ciago, where her father works as a fisherman. One day there is a fierce storm, and the next morning his body appears, washed up against the shore. Hoping to find a better life in the large town of Monte’za, Lynnette packs up everything and leaves her childhood home. When she was young, her father read to her from a book of fairy tales, and those tales fill her with dreams that something wonderful could happen to her and change her life – for good.

Once in Monte’za, however, the only job she can find is at a run-down bakery run by a man who is perpetually drunk. She works until exhaustion every day, but the bakery slowly becomes successful, and she finds in her fellow workers a family. When making deliveries, she meets a kind servant of a rich man, and he seems to have nothing better to do than spend time with her.

Meanwhile, odd things start happening. One of the workers at the bakery loves to plays music, and a beautiful violin shows up at the bakery’s front door. Another girl is struggling to take care of her sickly mother, and medicine appears in her home. Everyone’s dream comes true – and now it’s Lynn’s turn. But does she know what she truly wants?

Of course, we’ll see how the story really turns out after I finish it. ๐Ÿ™‚ The characters always tend to surprise you!