Nanowrimo is currently less than nine hours away in my part of the world, and I would like to offer a few words of advice to the newbies.

1. Stock your room with freshly sharpened pencils, bottles of water, and chocolate. Only the last one is essential, however.

2. Cut a small slit on the bottom of your door for food trays to  slid in and out.

3. Call your friends to tell them good-bye, you’ll see them again December 1st, and throw your phone into a deep lake.

4. Nail your door shut.

5. Watch a video on your laptop as you wait for midnight.

6. At midnight, delete your FB account then disable all internet… and WRITE! 🙂

These are surefire steps to success. 😉 If you prefer to use other, less extreme methods, however, people have been known to reach 50K without nailing their door shut…

This Nanowrimo I am thinking of changing several things about how I go about this challenge.

For one, I tend to sit down and struggle through the daily 1,667 word goal… in one sitting. Takes me a while as I like to tab-peruse, switching from FB to the Nano site to research whenever a word escapes me or I’m unsure what the character should say next… so what could have just taken an hour or two ends up taking several hours… yeah I have that problem with everything in my life, actually.

But this year I would like to try writing smaller parts, more frequently. If I can write about 250 words every so often during the day – about the size of my blog post so far – perhaps that’ll make it easier? It’ll be an experiment. 🙂

Last year, I bought some chocolate and said I would eat one piece every, oh I don’t remember, thousand words or so. That means about 3 pieces every 2 days, which felt like a lot of chocolate to me. What I feel will be a better motivator is if I exceed my daily goal – perhaps reward myself if I write 2,000 words in one day. And if I manage to do that every day for a week, another reward like a Starbucks drink.

One of the best motivators last year was watching my friend Hannah’s word count and trying to beat it. 😉

I’m excited for this year, to see what my story becomes, and to enjoy sharing the experience with several of my dear friends.