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To continue on… 🙂

If you are participating in NaNoWriMo this year {Nanowrimo: National Novel Writing Month, where all participants start a story from scratch November 1 and typically try reach 50 thousand words by midnight November 30th.}, there are a few things you should be sure to check out.

  • First off, on the main site (www.nanowrimo.org), -> Fun Stuff -> Special Offers, there are writing softwares offered for a discount or for a free trial, only for Nano participants. Scrivener, Storyist, PangurPad, and WriteWay are offered both for the free trial and a discount. Scribendi is offered solely at a discount, with a drawing to win a free novel edit, and Yarny is a helpful, online writing application that is always free.
  • While you’re on that page, be sure to check out the details of CreateSpace’s offer. For several years now, they have rewarded every Nanowrimo winner with the ability to get a free  paperback copy of their novel. This year they are offeringfive free copies. WOW! 🙂 Good motivation to win this year.
  • Also under the Fun Stuff tab, be sure to check out NanoToons. They are drawn by Errol Elumir, a talented cartoonist, songwriter, blogger, and video maker. He’s drawn cartoons for Nanowrimo for a year or two now, but this year he’s producing a lot more. 🙂 They really are hilarious. I check every day for the new one.
  • Off of the Nano site, check out “Month of the Novel” at Month of the Novel LogoYoutube and their website. It’s a brilliant idea, I just wish they would
    update more often than weekly. 🙂 Looking forward to how the story turns out!
I’m sure there are more amazing and awesome things going on right now – with this how many thousands of people signed up for Nanowrimo right now, that’s a lot of creative juices flowing! 😉
Check out these neat things, but don’t them stop your growing word count!