I’ve been putting off this blog post – and others I would have written and posted by now – because WordPress is frustrating to use right now. I can’t insert images, can’t tag, etc… It’s not a problem with the site itself, something about our home wireless internet doesn’t let me do certain things on WordPress… *Sigh* A problem I am slowly working to demystify and solve. But for now, I should post this as it’s been several weeks since the event. 🙂

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As I wrote about here, I was gifted 2 tickets to Women of Faith by BookSneeze, with the criteria that I write about it before and after the event. 🙂

On Friday my mom and I drove into Seattle, dished out $13 for parking, and ran over to the arena. There were morning sessions but we had been otherwise occupied, so just came to the evening session on Friday, which started at 7 and went until 10pm.

We drove home that night and came back on Saturday at 9am, staying until about 8pm that night.

The sessions were filled with worship, speakers, and sometimes a performance by Mandisa or Selah. When I had looked at the list of speakers before the event (see the list here: http://www.womenoffaith.com/overthetop/), I had not a clue who any of them were… Now I have been “properly educated”. 🙂

I knew who Mandisa and Selah were, of course – it’s impossible to listen to our local Christian station, Spirit 105.3 and not hear any of their songs.

Patsy Clairmont is a well-known speaker and just plain hilarious (although really all of the speakers were great at making jokes ;)).

Lisa Whelchel was apparently on the show “The Facts of Life”, which aired before I was alive. She said how she felt sorry for all of us kids born in the 90s in the audience, as we didn’t know what “The Facts of Life” was. I was thinking to myself, “uh I thought I did know what the facts of life were…” and then it turned out it was a TV show. Yes, go ahead, laugh.

Sandi Patty is the kind of person you feel ashamed to have not known who she was beforehand… She has an amazing voice and was apparently really famous -” the most-awarded female vocalist in contemporary Christian music history”. Again, I was probably just born in the wrong decade to know these things. 😛 Or I’m a clueless homeschooler, te he. She toured with Bill Gaither in the 80s, among other things.

Brenda Warner is the wife of famous football player Kurt Warner, as well as the mother of seven children. And, as she proved on stage by first splits and then lifting one leg straight up to her head while standing, a very flexible woman. I tried those moves at home and I not only failed, I’m pretty sure I looked nowhere near as graceful as she did. 😉

All of these women turned out not only to be famous, albeit in decades and circles I have not lived in, to have stories in their lives that were testaments of God’s faithfulness. Though deep and personal, they shared these stories with the women attending that weekend.

Patsy shared how her son Marty was in a coma and now lives in constant pain.

Lisa shared how she had gone through a (now hilarious) but painful journey of discovering how friendships work as an adult. She reminded us that transparency sometimes hurt, but was necessary.

Brenda shared her long string of trials, including the father of her first child leaving her to raise the legally blind, disabled boy. Her parents also died in a tornado, but as she dealt with that sadness through her faith in Jesus, her future husband Kurt Warner watched and in turn became a Christian, living his own, strong example of faith as he played professional football.

Sandi Patty shared how her initial dream, to sing in Disneyland, never came to fruition as the interviewers said she wasn’t what they were looking for – and that she wasn’t skinny enough. In the end God’s plans for her were much greater, however.

Each woman shared a piece of their life with candidness, and were great examples of how to serve the Lord, no matter what happens in life, with a strong faith and a joyful heart.