*Sigh* So if you look at the trend over the years I’ve been blogging, I usually post a lot more during Nano, giving you updates on what’s happening, all that… but with the site being fritzy (for me), and all of my creative juices (the few drops that are left) flowing in my novel, I suppose it’s understandable that I’ve scarcely blogged once this month.

I have a lot more appreciation for good writers in this time. When I read something well written, I marvel at the writer’s skill – especially with a well-written novel, where they have to carry out a plot arch and develop characters and keep the reader interested… takes a lot of talent and hard work.

Right now my characters, plot, dialogue – all of it, every aspect of my novel – is stale, boring, and completely doesn’t match what I want this story to look like. As I write boring word after boring word, I tell myself that I am exploring this story. I am figuring out who these characters are, and what I want to add to this story next time around.

And it’s a good thing I’m 19, I suppose, because that increases the probability that this and my last Nano will be rearranged and recreated and polished and polished until I know they are my best. 🙂 How nice it would be to have a story that I know is my best, or at least very close to it.

I am currently about 2,300 words behind – but I’ll catch up. Feels like that’s what I’ve been doing since Day 8. Catch up. 🙂 Ah well, as long as I make that wonderful number 50,ooo before December 1!

No Nanowrimo next year so I can edit. This time I mean it.

Anybody wanna peanut?