It is impossible to win the race unless you venture to run, impossible to win the victory unless you dare to battle.
– Richard M. DeVos

Hello again, the threshold between November and December. Between a month of constant writing, of Nanowrimo pep talks and competition against my fellow Nano participants, and a month of snow, cookies, sledding, and the wonderful remembrance of our humble King that Christmas brings.

This is a wonderful place to be, standing between two months, looking at the past and the future. 30 days are behind me that were full of getting ahead in word count (not much of that), falling behind and striving to catch up (a LOT of that), despising my plot and my writing and my characters and yet plunging on, determined to tell their story.

This evening my brother, a friend, and I hung out at Tully’s for several hours and one by one, conquered the number 50,000. We had been planning to attend a Nanowrimo write-in but there wasn’t really any Nanowrimo-ers there that we could tell… They must have all attended the large, end of the month Seattle event. Or we were duped by this whole Nanowrimo site and none of the other participants exist – they just wanted to see if some people out there would be dumb enough to actually try to write 50,000 words in one month. They could be laughing at us right now.

Whatever the case, there we were, ready to achieve victory. We crowded all three of our laptops onto one table and effectively distracted each other, laughing, somehow managing to squeeze in writing between the teasing and jokes. My friend had 900 words to write and reached victory first. I could tell at once from her smug smile. 😉 My brother Kevin had about 1,100 words and conquered it in no time with his awesome-ness… and I, I had 2,000 words still to write and took until Tully’s closed to type them all out.

My excuse is that while they were writing, all three of us were concentrating on writing and therefore quiet(er). While I was writing, they were both involved in distracting me. And were effective

But in the end, by 9 o’clock, we all reached 50,000 words and sat there, together, three Nanowrimo winners and just plain epic people.

We reveled in the feeling for but a moment before springing up to let the Tully’s people close…

I am still amazed at my brother’s dedication and hard work. Not once did he fall behind, and thus was an inspiration to his sister that lagged, albeit with seemingly viable excuses.

As for my friend, I am not amazed at all as this is the 3rd year she has won – and beaten me to it. 😉 Oh, Hannah, Hannah…

For all of you other Nanowrimo winners, I applaud you. You have accomplished a great thing. Even if you end up tossing out every word you wrote this month, you learned more about writing. You may have written the beginnings of a great story this November, or you may have written another stepping stone, a learning experience, that you never could have done without when you do come to write your great story. Either way, you have learned something. You set a goal and accomplished it. 🙂 Good on ya, mate.

Now go enjoy December. Rediscover the real world – take a break from your novel. Eat some cookies while you lounge by a fire and watch a Charlie Brown Christmas. Let it encourage you that while your raw, unedited and hastily written novel may be a Charlie Brown tree now, it still looks better than those ugly aluminum trees, and holds a lot of potential.

Au revoir, I am off to rediscover life, aka watch some Psych.