Just for now. 🙂 I like a dark theme, to let the snow show as much as possible, since it’s only around for a month! Speaking of which, it has been hovering around 32 F for several weeks now, but no snow to speak of, let alone a big enough accumulation to go sledding!

I am looking forward to sledding this year.

Lights have been strung on our house and they look marvelous. We are using our wood stove to heat our home. It lends itself well to heating up mugs of milk for hot coco. 😉 We have been enjoying delicious cookies and eggnog for several weeks now. It gets dark quickly, which means CANDLES! 😀 I have about 5 burning in my room right now. Bliss.

Can’t wait til it snows. It is a good time of the year. 😀