So I’ve done a couple book reviews on my blog by now, and may have piqued your interest in “blog for books” programs . You look at the books and think, “hey, I want to read a book for free!” Smile

Hesitate no longer,if you are interested in getting involved in any of these programs, it’s easy to sign up! I don’t know if they have a limit of how many bloggers they allow, but personally I have been able to sign up and request a book the same day I decide to do so…

There are two programs that I now belong to (click on titles to go to their main site):

BookSneeze, which is a division of Thomas Nelson publishing and offers their books,


Blogging For Books, which offers books by Waterbrook Multnomah publishing.

Both of these sites offer choices of fiction and non-fiction, paperback (they pay for shipping!) and e-book – as well as some books in Spanish.They both request that you review the book on your blog and on a consumer website – could be Amazon, could be, your call.

I’ve found that Blogging for Books tends to have a greater selection – BookSneeze has less fiction books. The latter site sends out an email when they will be releasing a lot of books, and sometimes you have to be quick to snag a book you want to read, before all of the copies have been requested. I have noticed that the variety at BookSneeze has steadily been increasing over the last couple years.

Blogging for Books will also send you an email reminding you to read and review your book, which is helpful.

In the end, I would say that the difference between these sites is pretty small, and you’re pretty sure to find a book you would enjoy reading and talking about through either program. So what are you waiting for? Jump on this train before it’s filled up. SmileAnd keep your eye out for other publishers that adopt this idea!

Know of any other sites that let you blog for free books? Comment below!