So I’m mentioning this about 9 months early, but it seems appropriate with Valentine’s Day coming up. 🙂 I recently found out that November 11th is celebrated (or mourned, depending on the individual) in China, as Singles Day, due to the date 11/11.

Singles Day can be celebrated in a variety of ways – some people get married, others "use this date and this meaning to tell their special someone that they are the only ‘one’ in their heart" (, some go on blind dates, and others celebrate the day with their single friends! When I heard of this idea from my friend, she told me singles would go out, essentially, on a date with themselves.

Good food tastes just as good alone!

Good food tastes just as good when eaten alone!

This interested me, and has stuck in my mind, so much so that I already programmed a reminder into my phone for when 11/11 comes around! On that day I am planning to take myself out to dinner and a walk. All the things a couple would do on date, but with me, myself and I. Ha ha, I suppose some people would find that terribly morbid, but I will use any excuse to treat myself to dinner. Plus I find myself entertaining, he he. 🙂 I am rather excited!

Take this suggestion and run with it.! There are a lot of different ways you could choose to spend this day. Not everyone is like me and wants to take themselves out on a date ;).

You might want to spend the night with some of your single friends – a dinner at home and games, reminding yourself of what amazing people God has blessed you with, even if none of them bear the title of your “Prince Charming” (or Princess, for any guys reading…)

If you’re already married, maybe you want to take that special someone on a date. You can’t go on too many dates when you’re married, and I’m not talking about a bunch of fancy-dress-up, drain-the-bank dates. I’m talking about hold-her-hand, enjoy-being-best-friends-too dates.

You might want to spend the night with God, reaffirming your commitment to Him – that He is the one Lord and God and Provider in your life. 🙂

You might want to spend the day with just one of your very good friends, or maybe you’ll be busy on that day, and just have a couple minutes at night to jot down a letter and a prayer for your future spouse.

How do you want to celebrate 11/11?