I want to be known by people as ‘the girl who, at such a young age, used her talents to glorify God’

-Rachel Coker, Her Journal, Age 13

So at some point while exploring the web of blogs, I chanced upon Rachel Coker and the news of her soon-to-release debut novel Interrupted:  A Life Beyond Words. I was impressed enough that I wanted to spread the word about this author and her coming book, which I am considering… wait for it… BUYING. As in, new. For full price. This is something I never do. Exceptions are books by Donald Miller… and a scattered, very few others. 

InterruptedWhat impressed me? For one, that Rachel wrote the novel when she was 14 years old, sent it out to publishers on a hope, and got accepted. She is now 16 years old and looking towards publishing a second book, after her first one is released in print.


I have read books by young, published authors. Heck I hoped to be one of them, when I was little and wrote stories about girls time traveling in driers and playing the piano when blind. But it took only a few moments on Rachel Coker’s blog to convince me that not only is she a great author now, but that she will publish even greater books (and I am going to be in line to read them!).

Maybe that’s presumptuous to say, since I have not yet read her book. Maybe her age has multiplied her accomplishments in my eyes. I’m only 19 myself, and decades of gained wisdom behind me. All I have is my opinion.

And my opinion is that Rachel is a talented writer with an amazing character – keep your eyes on her, folks, because this book is only the beginning. Smile


I’m holding back from gushing, because I want you to check out her blog, videos, and book yourself. Click on one of the links below to form your own opinion on Rachel Coker and Interrupted: Life without Words. Don’t forget to come back here and tell me what you think. Winking smile

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