This will be the first published work of my good friend, Laura. It’s coming out on March 15th – which is only 2 weeks away!! ūüėÄ Make sure to check it out at then.

A World of Scribblings

Something is coming!  Something exciting!


My very first published work is being release this March!  Self-published through Lulu. 


Scribblings is a collection of illustrated short stories, poems, (and some little extra pieces).  The book will include popular stories such as Angel Wings, By Morning, a piece from Stephen of Scarborough and many more.  Also poems such as A Little Imagination and Caught in a Cave-In.  Scribblings will also feature never before seen stories written by ours truly. 

The beautiful cover art and illistrations are done by Garret Maytum of Standing Strong Art.

I am super excited about this book and I hope you are too. 

Keep checking back for updates and look for it this March!


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