Just a few minutes ago, I received the final declaration about the last piece of the path this next year will follow. Needless to say, I am STOKED! 😀 This upcoming year is looking absolutely AMAZING and I am so excited to experience it! And after switching from one idea to another – considering everything from Europe to New Zealand to the Pacific Crest Trail and about a million other neat destinations – it feels so wonderful to know where I am going.

Do you want to know?? 😀

I have been absolutely blessed with countless options for a summer job. Last year I was contacted by Glacier and Mt. Rainier, and as you probably know I went with the latter choice. This year I was contacted and offered a job by Glacier National Park, Bryce Canyon, Acadia, Yellowstone. Wow! Talk about amazing places to work!

If you’ve kept up with my social updates, you know my head was spinning from all of these choices and everything that had to be considered – money, location, friends… what did I want?? My first choice rested on Acadia, then on Bryce, then on Yellowstone… But with each new job offer, I realized more and more what I wanted. I did not want Glacier, because of the location (call me crazy, but I felt it was too similar to Mt. Rainier!). Bryce was very secluded, and since I would not be bringing my own car, it would be difficult to travel around during my days off. Acadia was very intertwined with towns and more suburban than remote. And at Yellowstone, the company had some bad “reviews”.

Enter New Option.

When I came home to find an email from Signal Mountain waiting, asking if I would consider a summer job with them, I was exasperated. I was ready for God to start closing doors – there were too many open doors at the moment! But God knew what He was doing. As usual. 🙂

As I began to look into the company and the location, I found people could say nothing but good things about both. Phrases like “best summer ever” and “would go back in a heartbeat” showed up. Many people return to Signal Mountain – what a change from Mt. Rainier, where many people left before their contract ended, and would never come back again! Two of my coworkers and friends from Mt Rainier, Lee and Kayla, had worked at Signal Mountain several years before. As I read their blogs and scrolled through the pictures capturing the scenery and their adventures, I was intrigued.

Signal Mountain was about 30 minutes from Jackson, Wyoming – fairly remote, yet you could still easily drive to a town, other hikes, and Yellowstone National Park. It was next to Jackson Lake, so I could do some kayaking – which I have been longing to do recently.

I was offered a job as a busser in the restaurants – which did not give me the stress and responsibility of a server, yet was not as low and menial as dishwasher. I would be happily busy and would also get a share of the tips.

And did I mention the company?? They have employee events such as Olympics and Christmas in August. Their employee dining room is known for its great food. Looking through the paperwork they sent me, I could easily tell they cared about their employees.

So… I took the job. 🙂

That’s right, I am working at Signal Mountain in the Grand Teton National Park this summer!!

As usual, God was overseeing my way. Time and time again in my life, He has provided perfectly at the right time – never too late. I kinda thought I had the trust issue down, but looking back at how consumed with worry and fret I had been, I see I’ve still got a lot to learn.

But that’s not the end of my news… yes, there’s more. (This is going to be a long blog post, sorry!) Just less than an hour ago I received confirmation that my application to Ecola was complete, and even more than that… I had been accepted!! The official letter will come in a few days. 🙂

What is Ecola, you ask?

Well it’s located at the Canyon Beach Conference Center in Oregon, and is a place for people, 18 years and up, to set aside a year (or a semester… but in my case a year) and study God and His Word. The teachers come from all over, stay for several weeks, and speak about books of the Bible, theology, doctrine, missions, etc… Students don’t just sit around and soak in, they also get involved with local churches and put their learning into action.

I have been planning to go to Ecola since I graduated, but something else has always come up. But about a month ago I finally finished the entire application and sent it in, and now I know for sure I am going.

Yes, it feels great to know my path.

I will not be depending on or resting my full weight upon this plan, though – my Pillar of Fire could move, stay, or switch directions at any time. But for now these are my bearings, and the wind is behind me and strong. Adventure waits ahead! 🙂