All Things New.

That time of year has come again where we specifically devote several days to remembering the day death died. Yes, yes, we should remember it all year round, but I know for myself – I appreciate having a time where I dwell in the darkness of Friday, the quiet of Saturday, and the joy of Sunday.

Many people will be watching “The Passion of Christ” today. That movie is extremely well done – I love the moment at the beginning where as Jesus stands, he steps on the head of a serpent and even before the trials or crucifixion begin, we are reminded of the victory waiting at the end. (yeah, take that Satan!)

And my favorite quote is when the guards take a man from the crowds, Simon, to help Jesus carry the cross. And he says:

“Remember that I am an innocent man, forced to carry the cross of a condemned man!”

-Simon, from The Passion of the Christ


I’m not going to prattle a lot, I just wanted to share this video.

May your Easter be joyful and among family as you celebrate, but may you also have a quiet time to be alone with the Lord.

What a God we have. Smile