The day has come. Well, the day before the day. I’ve got everything I’m taking scattered around my room, ready to be strategically into a suitcase, and I’ve been keeping the laundry machines downstairs pretty busy, as I’m not only packing what I’m taking, but cleaning and organizing what will be left behind. Seasonal jobs like these are great for re-evaluating what belongings I need to keep, and for doing a bit of re-organizing in my room. Sort of like packing up and moving all together, except not as drastic cause I know I’m coming back. Smile

My mother and I will be heading out sometime tomorrow, preferably before lunchtime, but we’re in no hurry. I just need to report for work on this Thursday. We’ll be driving our green subaru, which recently lost one of its headlights and received a small dent due to a deer that jumped in front of me this morning(in broad daylight) on Highway 203. Yeah everything happens to me on 203… Not sure what happened to the deer, but it was not there when we went back, so we’re hoping it’s all right!

While I was packing everything up, I thought I would show you my reading list for this year, since I showed you what books I was taking last year.

My reading list:


Looks a bit slimmer this time, eh? Winking smile This is the Kindle Keyboard, aka the newest Kindle… last year. It’s really my dad’s but he’s been reading on a tablet recently, and when he saw me looking into buying a Kindle for Wyoming and Oregon, urged me to just take his. There’s a great selection of free, copyright-expired books to choose from online, as well as library Kindle books. Once I discovered I could borrow the rest of the Sierra series by Robin Jones Gunn through the library (I read and reviewed the first book), I pretty much had this Kindle attached to my hand for over a month as I finished the Sierra series and then the Christy series. I’m currently enjoying reading St. Augustine, Elizabeth Gaskell, and other books from the library.

But no, that’s not my entire reading list. Smile I am bringing a couple physical, smell-like-ink-and-paper books as well, just not as many as last year.


Besides my Kindle, I am bringing:

  • The Reason for God, by Timothy Keller. I received this book at a college bible study and only read a chapter or two, but I enjoyed what I read so thought I would read the rest. Smile
  • My Bible, in a smaller form this year
  • Celebration of Discipline, by Richard Foster. Brought it last year and never read it… =P
  • Then Sings My Soul (Vol. 3), by Robert Morgan. The next book I need to read and review for Blogging for Books.
  • The Night Circus, by Erin Morgenstern. This was a present from my lil brother Adam. The author was a Nanowrimo-er, and this book’s beginnings were inspired during a Nanowrimo. It’s gotten great reviews and I am very excited to enjoy it. Smile

I would bring my Lord of the Rings collection again, as I did not finish it last year and I am not sure whether it is available on the Kindle, but I don’t think I would get around to reading it… *sigh*

So that’s it! Smile What do you think? Good selection? How does it compare to last year?

If there’s any book you think I’m missing, just send it to my Kindle! Winking smile