So I just have to talk about the wonders of Signal Mountain’s EDR for a while. EDR stands Employee Dining Room, as I’ve explained before.

Tonight we had meatloaf. The brunt of cafeteria food jokes. The easiest meal to throw whatever-leftovers-you’ve-got in and still name it “meatloaf”. Yeah. I was a little wary when I heard that was on the menu, but as it turned out it was not only edible but delicious. As well as the mashed potatoes, vegetables, and strawberry cake.

My dinner. Pretty much.

Yah this EDR is amazing. They are open for a couple hours each mealtime, but you can come in from 6am-midnight to have cereal, fruit, drinks. I have begun a habit of coming in the afternoon for a makeshift “mocha” (brewed coffee & hot cocoa), a banana and peanut butter. Preferable eaten while reading some St. Augustine. Heavenly.

The EDR will take recipe suggestions – and they will buy ingredients if they do not have them. Or if you ask you can come in and help them cook one of your favorite meals yourself.

You can come in during a mealtime and wrap a plate to save for later – or take the plate back to your room. You can take a cup of water or soda or hot cocoa or whatever and take it to your room. No fret – there’s a bucket in the dorms you can leave the dirty dishes in!

How. Cool.

And I have not eaten a single meal yet that has been unidentifiable or untasty. Pretty much the direct opposite of Rainier’s EDR.

And their scrambled eggs? Actually taste like eggs. O.O

It’s a good thing I’m working hard as a busser, so hopefully I’m working off these three, filling, square meals a day! 🙂

Okay, end of rant. That is, opposite of rant. Which is…? Not sure.

I also have to say that John Denver is perfect for these places. Perfect soundtrack.