Today ends my weekend – after a trip to Jackson I will start work at 5pm. Wouldn’t you know it, on my days off it was cold, rainy, snowing, and overall miserable weather. I was still able to walk around the area a bit (but no hikes), hang out with friends, and enjoy some delicious pizza at Leek’s Marina – for free! I would have taken a picture of the pizza to show you, but a) I was too eager to eat it, b) I do not want to be one of those weird people that photographs their food!! and c) you really have to taste the pizza to appreciate how delicious it was, and I do not want to sinfully incite jealousy in any of your golden little souls. 😉

I am starting to feel a little more like I’m catching the hang of being a busser, although business has been slightly slower lately. That might be a better explanation…

Like any Generation Y kid, as I was learning this new job I went to Youtube for any advice it could provide me. And I found these two guys, who have now become my muses, if you will, the bussers I wish to emulate.
Well, more the first guy than the second. I don’t have to carry that many wine glasses around!