What is this? You say. Did not you JUST publish a blog post??

Yes, yes I did. And here is another. Just because I knew you did not get enough of moi.

I got off work at 3:30pm today and the fabulousness of my days off has already begun. I went into Jackson tonight along with Alissa, my roommate, and Savannah, Alissa’s friend. In case you did not know, Jackson is a small town with a population of around 8,000, VERY high property taxes, and lots of touristy yet very neat shops that sell chocolate, stuffed animal heads, and t-shirts. The town has a small park with large arches made entirely out of antlers. We have plans for a future picnic lunch in that park. If it were not for the high property taxes, I would love to live in Jackson and visit a different business every day, because there are so many unique shops and restaurants. And every one of them has a unique name – “The Missing Sock Laundromat”, “Shirt Off My Back”, “Yippy-I-O Candy Co.”, “Thai Me Up”, “Goodie2Shoes” – just to name a few. In short it is as if Jackson is unable to have  restaurant or store with a boring name.

Jackson is the go-to town as it’s the closest to Signal Mountain (Moose and Moran do not count…). It is about 40 miles away and take 30-40 minutes to drive to. Plus it has a Haagen-Dazs ice cream store, a K-mart, some good thrift shops, and a Great Harvest Bread store. All ya need for living, right there!

This song is essential to sing in your mind as you are driving to Jackson.

In Jackson we first visited the library, which gives out library cards to us seasonal employees – for keeps! I am now a very proud owner of a Teton county library card! The Jackson library is surprisingly large – the hippy-looking librarian said that was due to the large property taxes in the area, which help fund the library.

Oh how marvelous it was to be in that library, library card in hand.

In the end I checked out the new Footloose movie, Newsies (to show to my musical-loving roomies who have *gasp!* not seen it), and Frank Peretti’s new book “Illusion”. I don’t know when I will find time to read the ginormous latter item, but I was pretty excited to see the new book by that fantastic author.

We then browsed around Jackson, bought some ice cream, and met a cowboy with a husky, whose names were Tommy and Sasha, respectively. No joke. The man lived in Glacier National Park, in a tiny town that got up to about population 100 in the summer, and down to population…. 3… in the winter. 🙂 He lived in a cabin with an outhouse, some horses, and a great view. For any women interested, he is still looking for a female companion that is not canine. You must be good at chopping wood and driving cars on completely ice-covered roads.

I captured no pictures this time, but I am sure visits to Jackson will be frequent, so I hope to share more of this grandly unique town with you.


Might I also mention that this post will be my 200th blog post, and that in a couple months, this blog will have its 4 year anniversary. Wow, that’s pretty neat. 🙂 Thanks for reading along, I’m sure someday I’ll figure out how to write good and write some stuff that’s actually interesting to read. Til then, you have my great thanks for subscribing, reading, and (occasionally) commenting.