So much happened this last weekend. I went on three hikes.

One to Emma Matilda Lake with three friends,

and another to Hidden Falls/Inspiration Point with a friend named Bill.

Then to Bearpaw Lake with four other people from Signal Mountain.

So in all I hiked about 16 miles over 3 days – it would have been nice to do more miles, but I worked one day and went on a 7:30am float trip another.

As Signal Mountain employees, we can go on the Snake River float trips for FREE, if there’s space available. Pretty sweet deal. 🙂 Though I was hoping to see a moose, we mainly just saw birds. Perhaps another time – although floating serenely down the Snake River made me want to try out the whitewater! I have also wanted to try out the kayak on the lake when the waves are choppy, but decided I should wait until the kayak is my own and someone else is not liable for me. 😉

Here’s the pictures. No time to tell more because the next weekend is already upon me (tomorrow is my Friday) and new adventures and hikes await!

Who knows what the next few days will hold… besides unpredictable weather, delicious food, and talking with friends, of course. 🙂