Weren’t expecting that picture, were you? He he. 🙂

A couple Fridays ago I went with some friends to watch “Snow White and the Huntsman”. (ironically, there were more people in that Wyoming movie theater than I normally see at our hometown theater!) One of the commercials that played while we were waiting was “The Dark Knight Rises”. It was as I watching this commercial that I realized my church back home has “ruined” me forever – I can no longer watch movies or movie previews without noticing connections to the larger story of God and His work.

I have not seen any of the Batman movies and have no interest in seeing them, but I was able to pick up a bit of what happens in this upcoming film through the preview. Contrary to the title, Batman is at his lowest here. Gotham City is in its typical trouble, flames and evil are everywhere, and Batman has been put through the wringer. He is down and being kicked, and yet is staggering his feet to use what little strength he has left for the good of Gotham City.

As the scenes flashed by, there was a voiceover as a woman spoke to Batman, emphatically saying:

 You don’t owe these people any more! You’ve given them everything!

And Batman replies:

 Not everything. Not yet.


Wow.  You can almost picture an angel and Jesus having the same conversation right before the Passion.

These people are dumb, just give them up – destroy them! They are not worth your suffering!

They are worth it to Me, so I will give them everything. Because that is My heart, to be reunited with them forever.



Even the Knight of Darkness reflects the King of Light. 🙂