Well, yesterday was the official conclusion to the Signal Mountain Olympics. My team (Front of House) played some mean volleyball and ended up coming in second. When all of the scores from this week were tallied, we also came in second overall, surpassed only by Housekeeping. Housekeeping had TWICE our score and no one had a chance of catching up to them.  Like everyone that isn’t a housekeeper has been grumbling, housekeepers just had too much time on their hands to plan a great talent show and work on their banner, etc.

Speaking of banner, that is what mainly occupied my yesterday. Every team makes a banner – which can be a literal banner, or a 3D piece of art… really the rules are not that specific on what consitutes a banner, so almost anything goes. Housekeeping created a Flintstone’s car that could actually roll and hold people. Like I said, too much free time…

But for us less cool people, we stick to things that are a bit easier. Say that can be thought up and created in one afternoon, 4 hours before the thing is due.

The name of our team was DTP, which I guess stands for “Down to Party”, but in our case stood for “Deadman-Trapper’s-Peaks”, which are the names of the bar and the two restaurants I work in. So for our banner we used a sheet, glue, and objects that we felt represented every restaurant. Corks for Deadman’s, nachos for Trapper’s (we are rather famous for those nachos), and napkins for Peaks (Peaks is the fancier restaurant).

The corks we glued, the napkins we sewed, and the nachos… well first we tried glue. And then we tried more glue. And then we tried a different glue that was really the same glue, and worked no better than the first glue. And then we sat back on our heels and looked at our now cold, cheesy chips that refused to stick to the fabric as we munched on some other cold, cheesy chips that were non-gluey. Our final solution was to sew the chips to the fabric. As in I sewed them.

And that actually worked! Then everyone on our restaurant team signed it. Sadly it did not place, but then as great as it was it had no chance against a Flintstone-mobile.

So that was yesterday – we finished the banner around 3, the volleyball matches began 3:30, we all enjoyed an outside barbecue (hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, coleslaw, pop, peanut butter cookies), and after the talent show the scores were announced and the Olympics concluded.

Yes, they treat us goooood here at Signal Mountain! 😀

Today I went on the float trip for the 2nd time (saw about 4 eagles), then after lunch headed into town with several friends, where we saw the new Pixar movie Brave, and afterwards enjoyed some Thai food for dinner.

My take on Brave?

It was definitely incredible, and the plot never dragged. I felt like the whole movie went by rather fast. While the barebone plot (a tomboy princess that does not want to get married) is cliche, the rest of the story will definitely surprise you. At the end of Brave, I felt that it was a great movie, but will not become a classic like Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc… It was one or two notches less fantastic than its predecessors.

The soundtrack was beautiful. 🙂

And the message was definitely a good one. During the climax, my friend and I were tearing up at the demonstration of a mother’s strong love.

Watching the movie I was reminded a bit of where I’m working now. The beautiful scenery, the animal that *cough* plays an important role (gotta avoid giving away anything here…), Merida rock-climbing and riding her horse: it all made me think of this great place I get to live and work at for the summer.

All I need is to dye and perm my hair and find a Clydesdale! 😀

Speaking of Merida’s hair, I have to share this movie my brother shared with me.


Thanks for reading!