A couple months ago I discovered “Escape Games”, and was immediately hooked. Escape Games are online games where you are in a room and are prevented from escaping or going where you want to go. In order to open that locked door, etc, you have to explore the room, discover items, and solve a variety of puzzles that can range from slightly puzzling to immensely difficult. Some will incorporate stories. Have you ever heard of the Myst games? Similar, but not as complex.

Note: I am not really sure why I began to play Escape Games and enjoy them, since I don’t really have the matching personality. When I get stuck in a puzzle, I try my best to ponder it for… about 5 seconds… and then immediately want to know the answer. So my challenge to myself is to avoid using the walkthroughs. (which are available online for every Escape Game, in case ya get stuck 😉 )

As I began to explore these games and look for more online, I quickly realized that there were different qualities of Escape Games. Some require “pixel searching” – in other words it is very difficult to click on things, and you have to practically click on a precise pixel. Which is very annoying… I prefer the games that focus on the puzzles, not “ha ha, let’s see if the dweeb playing the game can find where we hid the key!”

There are also the games that are just… poorly made. Terribly graphics, unoriginal puzzles, and cheesy music. Some websites boast that they produce one Escape Game a day, so as you can imagine there are a lot of poorly made Escape Games out there!

To help out those who might be discovering Escape Games for the first time, or those that have never heard of them but want to give them a try, I compiled a small list of some of the (in my humble opinion) most enjoyable, challenging, and yet doable Escape Games I have come across.


These games are amazing! Well made, with three different levels of difficulty so you can start at the bottom and work your way up. RGB is definitely my favorite, as I found it to be unique and challenging, yet was able to solve it without a walkthrough.

Terminal House

I have not played all of the games offered on this site, but the ones I did play were well-made and challenging. You may notice the site is in Japanese and will need to be translated. This is a common thing to come across in Escape Games – I’ve found the best ones are frequently made by the Japanese.

The Doors

In this game you start in a hallway with a series of doors, some unlocked, some not. I think I got stumped one or two times. 🙂


I did not try this game at first because the preview image showed a poster with a seductive woman hanging on the wall. Fortunately that was only in the very first part – the game continues on through 20 levels. Don’t worry, it will save your place, so you don’t have to become a hermit for a day. 😉


This is a fun, fairly quick-to-solve game centered around “Matryoshka dolls”.


I have not personally tried these games, but they are pretty popular. There’s definitely quite a series going…

Crazy Doors of Rainbow Colors

These are just a few of the laudable escape games available online. For more well-made escape games, try jayisgames.com, with games sorted by rating: http://jayisgames.com/tag/escape/rating

Some tips:

Keep track of what you’ve done. Sometimes you will need to remember the order you opened doors or discovered keys.

The more you play these games, the more you will discover the re-occurring patterns – the commonly used hiding spots and methods behind the puzzles.

If you can, try clicking on the items in your inventory as you are examining them. Sometimes they will turn over, come apart, etc.

Also don’t forget to try combining items or using them together

Don’t forget to check out the ceiling.

And, above all, just keep clicking. While a lot of these games eliminate pixel searching, I can’t count how many times I went to look at the walkthrough… only to find out I just needed to click again on something I had already clicked on.

Have fun! 🙂 May you have more patience than I.