I might have mentioned earlier that I was reading The Confessions of St. Augustine, but if I did not… now you know. (I also made a post back in February about how Gungor borrowed his words for one of their songs.) I have now finished the book and recommend it highly. HIGHLYThroughout the book St. Augustine does not really talk to the reader, but to the Reader. He praises and muses on life and memories, all with God as the central audience. It’s like being given permission to read his private prayer journal to God.

Some of the chapters I wasn’t too keen about – like the one he devoted to talking about memory and how it works. Overall I loved the parts where he would be musing and talking about life, and suddenly switch into praise or begin to write in poetic verse. He also liked to use question marks – which I could definitely identify with. Not to set myself equal to St. Augustine and his writings, but I felt that Confessions sometimes rang with the same voice as my journals. Or perhaps the other way around?

No wonder it’s a good book. Look how awesome he looked while he wrote it

I read the book on my Kindle (I recommend this version of the book), and in the end made ninety-three notes and highlights. Most of the time I just highlighted entire paragraphs, because the whole thing resounded with my soul!

I wanted to share some snippets with you, from my 93 notes & marks. And I encourage you again, read Confessions if you have not.

‘You awake in us a delight at praising You. You made us for Yourself, and our heart is restless until it finds its place of rest in You.’

‘The most merciful, yet most just.

The most hidden, yet most present.

The most beautiful, yet strongest… You cannot change, yet You change everything. You are never new, yet never old. You make all things new, yet conquer the proud of old age before they know of its approach…

You are never in need yet rejoice in what you gain. You never covet yet exact excessive payments so that You may owe… You owe nothing, but in remitting debts You lose nothing…

What am I to You that You demand my love and care enough to be angry and threaten me with grievous woes if I don’t give it?’

‘Open the ears of that heart and say unto my soul, “I am your salvation.”‘

‘It is You who should treat me with disdain; instead You approach me with compassion.’

‘I carried around my shattered, bleeding self. I was sick of carrying it but didn’t know how to put it down.’

‘He did not make things and then walk away. He remains intimately involved, and all things have their being in Him.’

‘He adopted mortal flesh, so that it might not be forever mortal’

‘When You grasp us, the grip is firm. When we try to sustain ourselves, the grasp is feeble.’

‘They may have forsaken their Creator, but that doesn’t mean You have forsaken Your creation.’

‘But the more gracious You became in leading me, the less attractive You made anything that was not Yourself.’

And I’ll force myself to stop here. Go read the book. 😉