…In the night sky, are like shooting stars? I could really use a wish right now, wish right now, wish right now.
Although really it should be “can we pretend that satellites” in that song, cause here in the Grand Teton NP, we see a bunch of those but very few airplanes. 😉

Yesterday I worked a morning shift, even though I had just started my workweek, because someone asked me to switch with him. I accepted because A) it’s slightly better money, and B) working a grueling 9 hour shift is not so bad for me if I didn’t see it coming. Easier to “charge!” if I suddenly come upon the hill and had not seen the formidable lump of earth from 5 miles away.
After work I tagged along with my roommates as they conducted a worship service at the Colter Bay amphitheater. Then we went to the evening service at Jackson Lake Lodge. Which was fantastic. We sang the song “Into Marvelous Light”, which I’m sure I have heard before, but at that time and place… it was perfect.
Then all of us piled into several cars (after pausing to fill up our water bottles at the purified water-bottle-filler in the lodge. Seriously that water tastes really good. Who needs nectar of the gods when you’ve got purified water??) and we drove though the park, out of the park, and into the national forest to a spot dubbed “The Observatory”. So named because it is a bald little hill that offers an excellent view of the night sky. To get to said hill we had to carefully traverse a washboarded, potholed, dirt road. In a very non-4 wheel drive vehicle.
But we made it. I laid on a blanket next to my roommate Alissa for over an hour, just looking at the sky. I saw at least 5 meteors and recognized several summer constellations. (Guess that astronomy class was good for something!)

Everyone else was spending the night, so they were bundled in their sleeping bags in a line to our right. They sang some songs – mainly children’s sunday school songs, and Home on the Range. As they sang Home on the Range for the second time, one of the guys got really excited and lifted his arms, exclaiming, “Guys, we’re there right now! We’re living in that song!”

Memories being made.