Stole the title from my friend’s poem. 🙂 Here’s my ‘version’ of that poem, for right now:

To turn a page anew,

Is a scary thing to do


But other times…

It is very easy and exciting.


Like it? 😀 My poetry is award-winning. No seriously, it is.

The news of the day is that it’s official… I have switched contracts with a fellow busser, and will be leaving the Tetons 2 weeks earlier. September 16th is my last day, I believe. Which means I have about 28 more days left!! This switch will give me a little more time to be home before heading to Ecola in October.

*Insert generic picture of person leaping in front of a clearly photo-shopped sky*

I wish I could say I am very sad and not ready to leave yet – but truth is I have been here for 3 months. I have made friends and I have had a great time. I will continue to have a fantastic time for the next four weeks. And then I get to see my family and go to school to learn about God in Oregon and then there’s Thanksgiving and Christmas and more family and friends I have not seen in too long… can you sense my mild excitement???

Every day and experience is a blessing from God. I am content with being here now, and I will savor this page I am living right this moment. But I am super excited for what’s to come, too…!