In less than 7 hours I will start my last work shift as a busser at Signal Mountain Lodge during this summer of 2012. On Monday I will finish packing and cleaning my room, and drive with my aunt home.

What I am looking forward to:

  • Christmas
  • Thanksgiving
  • My brother coming home
  • Making my dad laugh
  • Making smoothies and having them all together
  • Late game nights
  • My mom’s cooking
  • Playing computer games
  • Tickling my youngest brother
  • A place where it does not drop to TWENTY-NINE degrees at night. Yet.
  • Using Pandora/Hulu and all those other things that require a fast internet
  • Time with friends
  • My bedroom
  • Learning about God at Ecola
  • Living in a small town where I can practically just walk anywhere
  • Doing some hikes in Oregon
  • Church
  • The library, closer

What I will miss:

  • All of the sweet, zany, kind people here
  • Having an income
  • My roommates
  • The sunsets
  • The birch trees
  • Feeling accomplished after I finish a long hike
  • Being able to lie by the lake and read a book
  • Phyllis’ desserts
  • The skinny chipmunks. And the plump whistle pigs
  • Talking to the people that come to the restaurant
  • Coming in the kitchen in the morning and no one talks and the music is turned up really loud
  • The mostly silent drives to Jackson as we stare out the window at the mountains passing by
  • The neat town of Jackson
  • The deer that munch along the pathways and are not scared of us at all
  • People walking by that talk to us through our window
  • Hearing my new nicknames from Anna and Cole – “Sar-Bear” and “Little Miss Sunshine”

I just started packing today and I can already tell my stuff has expanded…. Yes this will be interesting trying to fit it all in my suitcase!