Opened a new Word document to write something – I wasn’t exactly sure what – a scene from one of the stories in my head, most likely. Instead as I stared at the blank document and contemplated on its wonderfulness (yes, I’m a writing nerd 😉 ), this is what came out.

How I love a blank page. The contrast of the marching black letters against the crisp white page.

To open a new document is as if buying a new notebook, to open it and to see nothing. An emptiness that is cheery and greeting, that beckons to me and says – ‘I am your friend. Right now I have no face, but I will become whatever you wish me to become. Write emotions, write a story, write the words inside, and I will accept it all and take onto me to display for only you or for the whole world. There is no right and wrong. There is simply you and your words that you give, and that I receive.’

A new page is to begin again, and brings with it every good emotion twined with beginnings. Excitement, anticipation for what will unfold – yet nervousness and hesitancy as fingers ready. The blank page waits like the bated breath of an audience watching a musician. Like the door of a dove-cage about to swing open, the notes in his mind are about to dive through his fingertips, onto the keys and into the instrument, to soar into the air, filling the emptiness completely. Bringing something new and beautiful.

‘Do not tarry,’ the blank page pleads. ‘Fill me, and if your words are crooked and off-key, do not discourage. I delight to carry your words. If you dislike the evidence of your learning, simply tuck me away to carry them in quiet delight, and bring forth another of my fellows to carry your second try. Just don’t stop trying to perfect the conveyance of the colors and faces and scenes in your mind onto our awaiting white pages. Don’t stop giving us your words, for every one is precious to us.’

Make a blank page feel special today.