Heading off to bible school in one week. Funny thing is I started innerly surveying my spiritual life and feeling like I have to be all polished up and put together before I arrive. How ridiculous is that?? If there’s anywhere you should be able to come as yourself, even with your imperfections and doubts and ignorance, it should be bible school. And if my faith and walk with God is something I make presentable to the public when I feel I need to look spiritual – ha! No thank you, God would say. I’d rather you just altogether not.

When I head to bible college it’s not going to be a super-Christian me. It’s going to be humble, broken, faulty, fickle faith me.

Although I might leave a super-Christian. I think they do give us some capes and tights along with our certificates. I wonder if we get masks as well? That’d be sweet.

Just joking y’all. 😉

Yeah anyway. I just had that little thought and then stepped back and went wait a minute… gave me a chance to laugh at myself and I thought I would share with y’all.