Calm your excitement, dear blog readers. Still your hearts and control that hyperventilating. Yes, this blog post means what you think it does. I have arrived at Ecola Bible School, and today is my first day of classes.

It was a five hour drive from our home to Cannon Beach, OR. We stopped on the way for some bubble tea. Winking smile Arrived at the Cannon Beach Conference Center around 4ish – so we missed the early arriving crowd and were able to speed through the registration process. The center is a bit smaller (more intimate – everything is closer together) than I was expecting, and I had imagined it right by the ocean. We are a couple blocks away from the beach, which is really not that far at all. Smile Everything in town is only a couple minutes away by foot! Quite a novelty for me as I have lived my whole life in the woods – and most recently in the middle of nowhere, 45 minutes away from the nearest town. 2 hours for Mt Rainier.

I am in the newer dorms. It feels like a new house – quite a contrast to the old carpet, furniture, mold-covered shower, etc. of seasonal work. The room is set up for 4 but there is just me and my one roommate, Megan. She’s from Washington, too. About half of the student body here is from Washington! It’s kind of a joke here – Ecola is in Oregon but it’s really a Washington school since only a small handful come from Oregon. Typically the dorms would be fuller but the attendance has been down the last couple years. In 2010 there were 120 students, in 2011 eighty-something, and this year there are 67. So the numbers have been dropping a bit! But that means less names to learn, and an even more intimate setting. Smile

My family stayed around for a delicious dinner of tacos and then they headed off to a nearby hotel while I joined the students for worship and welcomes from the staff. Then we had prayer meeting right off the bat. There are 2 other people in my prayer group (like I said, smaller attendance this year). We will get together every Friday for an hour.

Last night I had the oddest dreams – mainly involving being late to class. In one I was walking past this large fenced-in area that was filled with brown and black bears. Then there were several bears in front of me on the trail, out of the enclosure. Like a well-taught hiker I did not move and one of them gnawed on my hand a bit so it was very bloody. Then some other people came along… hazy dream memory here… but I remember in the end I was late to class but felt I had a very legit excuse. Also when I looked back down at my hand it was healed and I thought was amazing. The people there had to be my witnesses that a bear had chewed my hand so the teachers wouldn’t think I just made up an excuse for being late.

So yes, that was an odd dream, and I was right on time for class. Half of the time we got instructions and rules to follow, and half of the time a man from Texas named Kerby Anderson talked about Creation – evolution and whatnot. He will get more indepth throughout the week, and I am excited to learn what he has to say. He even delved a bit into carbon dating, which is awesome. Smile

We have about 5 hours off every afternoon. Which is a lot of time to kill. After lunch today I walked with a group of other girls to a nearby coffee shop (there are a lot of them…) and then to the beach… then around town in and out of the quaint shops. I love these little touristy towns, you never know what neat things you are going to find.

Dinner in a while, then class again tonight.