Almost done with the second week of classes here at Ecola! I am getting to know everyone – although I still have trouble with all the guys’ names. They all seem so similar. If I ever get married and have a son, I’m definitely NOT naming him Josh! Or for that matter, any name that starts with a ‘J’. We need more unique names in this world, although I would not say the names of celebrity babies are good examples…

This week our classes are: Romans, by Corey Miller and: Hermeneutics, by Joey Dodson. They are two very different personalities. Miller is serious, focused, almost intimidating. Dodson is laid back, calls the book of Malachi “Mah-lah-chee”, and I have never seen anyone that can fit so many song references into one sentence. Both have great jokes, and both are very knowledgeable.

The school week started off in a hurry as we were given the assignment to read the book of Romans twice in between our Monday morning and evening classes. Which was great but intense, as there is so so much great stuff in that book, as well as passages that are hard to understand.

And then we were given the assignment to write a paper comparing James 2 and Romans 3-4. Which started out being easy, but then the more I worked on it the more thoughts I had, the more I wanted to say, and the more I figured out how to kinda say what I wanted to say. So I stayed up ’til about 1am this morning working on that paper.

Meanwhile in Hermeneutics, we wrote a short paper of observations on the book of Jonah. In both of our classes we were told not to use any concordances, studies – only the Bible, really. That way our observations and conclusions would be our own, and we would be encouraged to learn to “feed” ourselves. I know that for myself, when I am using a study Bible or when someone else’s thoughts on the text are right there, I tend to read verses and then immediately read the side notes, without stopping to think about what I have read or to wrestle with the passage myself. It’s like having a fridge full of TV dinners, so you never learn how to cook.

So while I was up late and had to work a bit, I enjoyed this week’s assignments, and found a neat boost of confidence that I can figure some things out for myself!

Yesterday we had the first mission trips meeting. That is, we discussed what trips there will be next spring, what they will cost, and how us students can go. I’m fairly sure what trip I will go on, but I’ll wait until I’m signed up and it’s certain I’m going before I let you know. 🙂 It is certain that I am very excited!!

And the last bit of news: I have a pet!

Yes, we were doing a short hike to Crescent Beach the other day and I found a woolly bear caterpillar crossing the road. When I picked him up he didn’t curl up, like most other woolly bears, but kept crawling and seemed quite an adventurous and brave caterpillar. So I kept walking and let him crawl up and down my arm. Now he is in a glass container in my dorm room.

Poor guy. Lucky me.

His name is Herbert, and like I said he is a very courageous woolly bear. He eats a lot and poops a lot. When I gave him new leaves yesterday I put him on my hand as I picked some more, and he either threw up or peed on my finger. Then he proceeded to curl up and did not uncurl for a long time. I think the poor guy had indigestion or something. But he is now back to happily munching and pooping, so I think Herbert’s gonna pull through.

For now. If he can become a cocoon and then a moth, that’d be great – but my childhood track record for keeping these guys alive is not so good. We’ll see. 🙂

Well, that’s all that’s going on in my super-interesting life. Thanks for reading!