Finally tracked down some string and paperclips and my bulletin board is now a lot more crowded.

Thanks to Shutterfly, I now have up some of my memories from Rainier, the Tetons, and pictures of my family and friends. Just makes my heart sigh to look at them. 😉 I am only 20 yet I have been blessed with so much – I was thinking of that today when I was reading my Bible, too. Hopefully by the end of this year I will have read the Bible all the way through, which will be at least the 2nd time I have done so. Not many people older than me can say they’ve read it once. And all of the Bible teaching I’ve absorbed since I was born. I am very blessed with the much I have been given. I am eager and scared, now, for when much will required. (Luke 12:48)

The teachers this week are absolutely fantastic. “The Christian Life” taught by Ken Smith, and “Matthew” taught by Dr. Louis Barbieri. Turned in the last of this week’s homework this morning, so tonight and tomorrow I will just be sitting and absorbing. We have had but a portion of the teachers we will have this term, this year, and yet I feel like the teachers that have come have given me so much… I only pray to God that I can remember but a portion of what I am being taught, and that I will let none of these lessons depart my heart. With every message I feel more and more the urgency to be Jesus to people everywhere. I don’t want a boring life, and I am increasingly realizing that a life apart from God and His purpose is, by comparison, boring.