This is a great article about the concept of “True Love Waits” that we have been taught and engrave on purity rings.

I have a purity ring – though I consider it as my marriage ring to God, a symbol of my commitment to Him and hope in Him – but it does not say “True Love Waits”. Personally, that does not mean anything to me. My ring reads: “I am my Beloved’s and He is mine”, from Song of Solomon, and the song “Beloved” by Tenth Avenue North. That means a lot to me personally, and is a reminder to me everyday that not only do I belong to God and therefore what my heart and actions should look like, but that He belongs to me. He loves me, and He is mine.

If you are a young girl considering buying a purity ring – or perhaps something else that symbolizes and reminds you of your faith in Christ – I encourage you to choose something that deeply means something to YOU. And if you have not considered buying a ring, finding a symbol, I would also encourage you to consider it. There’s a reason why God told the Jews to celebrate Feasts, build piles of stones, and sacrifice animals. Sometimes we need a tangible reminder of our intangible hope. 🙂