As usual I am at a loss of what to write since there is so much I could talk about right now. The marvelous way of bullet points just might be the best way to go about this.

  • Last Friday night was our Halloween party. After class ended at 9pm I ran back to the dorm to don a vest, a long cloak pinned with a leaf pin, roll up my pants, and mark my legs & feet up with a sharpie. Yes, you guessed correctly. Me and my friend Ashten were hobbits! 🙂 Now I am not one of those LOTR fans that owns Aragon’s sword, or a lifesize poster of Legolas, or even the Ring. I have watched the movies only a couple times and have not seen all of the extended version. And I have not even read halfway through “The Fellowship of the Ring”. I’m a terrible person, I know. But within me there is a still a little, quiet LOTR fan and I do love the first part of the first movie with the lovable, happy hobbits. And I’m short.
    It was a lot of fun to be at my first Halloween party among older people… to see the innovation in costumes, even though we are busy, broke college folks. Or maybe because. And of course it is always nice to see the absence of lewdness or crude thoughts in costumes, dancing, and attitude.
    Now I just need to figure out how to wash the Sharpie off my legs…
  • Classes this week are Philippians & Missions. Opposite from the rest of the class, I am enjoying Missions a lot more than Philippians. Some of my classmates feels that his opinion is that everyone should be a cross-cultural missionary. I feel that in this area, where oftentimes speakers use guilt as a motivation, he speaks with tact and simply from the passion in his own heart. And really, I think that as American Christians, we think about the rest of the world… hardly at all. The words our Missions teacher has been speaking are good for us to hear, even if they are a bit uncomfortable to hear at times…
  • A plus to having Missions this week is that every night we have a different “ethnicity” for dinner. Although really it’s very americanized. We have had some german food (sausages and spatzle) and yesterday we had Mongolian grill. We all loaded a bowl with chopped veggies & meat and then someone fried it for us. Mmmm… delish. NOT what Mongolians eat, but delish.
  • It is simply incredible to watch how every single person here is changing. Hearts are softening, repenting, changing. A fellowship is forming (speaking of LOTR..). Someone called us his brothers & sisters in class today, and those words feel right. When we arrived every staff person told us we would form a family. We looked at the strange faces around us and wondered. But now – yes, I would agree with that. Perhaps not right now, but after winter quarter, spring quarter, we will definitely be close-knit. A family.
  • On Tuesday we had a “Day of Prayer”. That is, class until 10:30, and then we packed sack lunches and set out alone or in groups to spend the day in prayer. We gathered again at 7pm to share what we had heard/learned and it was so amazing to listen to the words people had been given, to the prayers that had already been answered, to the lessons God had taught through nature and ‘coincidences’. I spent half of my time outside and then was driven by the cold,wind and rain into a coffee shop, where I spent another couple hours. I texted a lot of people and was blessed myself by the joy that welled up as I remembered many people in my life – close friends, friends I have not seen in several years, coworkers I spent a summer with. I felt so much joy as I recalled every one of them and prayed for them.
    I am excited for the Days of Prayer yet to come – listening to what others had to say of their own prayer time, I see in their earnest hearts examples of how I want to pray and spend time with God.
  • It is great being here, but it is also exhausting. Today, what with regular classes, extra classes that were moved from Tuesday to Wednesday, missions meeting, the first night of Awana (!!), and a bonfire on the beach afterwards, I was deadbeat. Would love to take a nap today but we are going to Necanicum, a local retirement home, to spend time with its residents. So I am looking forward to the weekend for some rest, and a chance to continue to process what I am learning.

Well that was a lot of word gabbling on my part. But so much happens here every day, I have only covered a bit of what happened this last week. 🙂

Happy birthday to both of my younger brothers!!