Long time no blog-speak. I’m afraid I actually have very little to say – as evidenced by my lame post title. Just two things, really:

Randy Alcorn spoke last night! Only for about 15 minutes, but still!! It was great being able to see one of the famous Christian authors. His book “Edge of Eternity” really impacted me, and since I read it some of the metaphors he used have lodged in my brain and resurfaced throughout the years, reminding me of good truths. Alcorn donates some of his shorter books to Ecola every year, and apparently visits CBCC often – but sometimes he just sits in the back and does not come forward and introduce himself. So I was really hoping that if he did come to Ecola, I would know. As it turned out, he not only said hello but spoke for a while! Fantastic.

My second thing is that while we were talking about the Trinity the other day and discussing various things people have used to try to represent the Trinity (an apple, an egg, etc.), I was reminded of the ‘triple point’ of water. People use water to describe the Trinity because it can exist in three states: solid, liquid, and vapor. But what they often don’t know is that there is a point where it can exist in all three states. Check it out on this reliable source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Triple_point


Oh goodness I lied to you. I actually have a 3rd thing to say. I visited the glass blowing studio down the street and the owner took a break from his work and talked with me for a while. Did you know about the
strange characteristics of glass? Scientists have a hard time determining if it’s a solid or a fluid, since its molecules never actually stop or ‘lock’, like frozen water. Thus old windows (400 years+) are thicker at the bottom – because the glass is slowly flowing down. At least that’s how the guy explained it to me. People are still trying to figure out the mysterious substance.

End of item three.

End of blog post.

Thanks for reading!