Weekend, spare time, internet’s working, almost the end of fall term… so I thought I would give you an actual blog post, not just some of the blurbs I’ve been writing since coming to Ecola.

I’m sure what you are all wondering is… is Ecola worth it?? Is it worth wasting a year of my life and wasting a bunch of money on this tiny place that no one has heard about and does not even give you any college credits and the only thing going for it is that it’s located in Cannon Beach?

Uh duuuuh dude! Yeah! I mean, everything else in life (job, money, travel, even family and friends) is beneath knowing God. My top priority here on earth is to know God. And if I’m doing that, loving & serving people will just naturally follow. So what I am doing, this year, is instrumental to the rest of my life. What I am learning – in class and out of class. And the community that I am a part of here. The bonds we have formed will last, fo sho.

Sorry I feel like talking differently right now, ha ha.

So what exactly have I learned in the 2 months I’ve spent here? Well my answer is personal so I’ll keep it vague – not that I’m against sharing everything with people, just not in this way. That is online. For the whole world. If you happen to see me later on and give me a hug and sit down with me, ask me and I’ll definitely share. 🙂 I might go on for hours and you might fall asleep. But generally, I would say that being here at Ecola, God has challenged who I thought I was. What I thought my strengths were. He has challenged if I completely trust in Him, and if I believe that He knows what’s best, not me.

Overall I feel that Ezekiel 36:26 applies to me before Ecola and now: “I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh.”

To me, the neat thing about that verse is that it is completely God that takes our stone heart and gives us the beating, alive heart.

I feel that I am right in the middle of that process.

Last night was the end of our “Doctrine of God” class taught by Dave Jongeward.  We spent three hours in the student lounge, person after person openly sharing  their testimony, a lesson, a word of encouragement, etc. as they felt led. I just sat and listened, and it was so neat to learn so much more about the 60-something students I am bonding with. And it made me realize – I have learned a lot, but I want to learn so much more. I have been challenged – but I am barely on the pathway toward being who I want to be, and having my relationship with God look like what I and He wants it to be.

Progress, not perfection. 😉

In one week we will wrap this term up. We will have two last classes, and a Christmas party, and a sharing time, and lots ‘o hugs and good-byes. Then off to home.

A month of break from Ecola. Not a break from learning, by any means.


By the way, if you are reading this and you have sent/are going to send me support for the mission trip to Alaska I am going on, thank you! I have been so amazed at the support that has poured in – it looks like it will add up to the perfect amount of the cost of the mission trip! God has demonstrated His faithfulness and provision through you, and may He bless you if you have given the money as if returning what is His to Him. 🙂


That’s it. That’s all, yo. Word, dawg.

Peace out,