I’m sure you were scrolling through your mail inbox and all of a sudden a new email popped up that said: new post, from Eagleinthestorm! And you blinked at it and said: ‘hmmm that name rings a bell…. Oh yeah it’s the blog by that Sarah person that hasn’t blogged in months! What a flaky writer she is, my gosh! *deletes subscription*’ Unless you’re my mom in which case you go: ‘Yeah my daughter has shared more details of her insanely interesting (to me, her wonderful mother) on her fantastic blog! Yeah!’

Either way, the fact remains that you are currently reading this post, for which I thank you.

So right now here’s my life:

  • Worked 70-80 hours while I was home on break, which was a blessing! It was great to be back at the British Pantry!
  • Also got to spend time with friends & family – had some GREAT nights of game and laughter.
  • Christmas was quiet and wonderful – I GOT AN OVERNIGHT HIKING BACKPACK which I am soooooo stoked to use! Hopefully for overseas travels later on this year or in the near future!! 😀
  • Headed back a week ago today – which is hard to believe because it has been so easy slipping back into the Ecola community. We started the quarter off with “Marriage & Dating”, taught by our wise director Dave, and Daniel taught by a Chicago pastor named Talmadge Betts. Next week is Psalms and Proverbs, woot woot!

Today was wonderful – it involved a morning drive to Portland with a good friend through frosty hills, a church potluck (not driving through the potluck, silly, but joyfully partaking of it), enjoying the ambiance of a train depot as we picked up a returning student, an awesome time of female chatter (hyperspeed due to coffee) on the drive back annnnddd tonight I will be joining a group to watch Les Miserables in theaters. This will be the second time I’ve seen it and I am sooo excited to see it again – I loved it!

The coffee is still in my bloodstream in case you couldn’t tell.

Update on Alaska trip: Thank you, thank you to all who have supported me!! I will be sending out emails of gratitude but I want to thank you on my blog first! I am about $100 short of what I need, but I think it will come in. 🙂 We are continuing to prepare and the date to fly to Alaska is now less than 2 months away – wow! 🙂

Well that’s all the news for now, so I’ll wrap up with some thoughts.

While we were waiting for the train (that was 3 hours late) to arrive in Portland, my friend and I visited a church. Here are some of my thoughts (expanded) from the sermon, that I wrote down:

Why are we afraid to tell stories of our past? Our sins and struggles – in the past, yes, faded ghosts now, perhaps, but still residing in our being nonetheless. Have you simply ignored it, moved past it now that you are a Christian? Are you hesitant to tell your fellow Christians about it?

Why don’t we share? If our mouth is hesitant to speak of it, could it be we are still ashamed – afraid – bound by it? Does the Bible support keeping it quiet, or confessing it to our brothers and sisters? Every shade of dark and light from every moment of our life combines to form a picture of God’s grace and faithfulness – towards us personally, yes, but for the encouragement of others. We are all the same – the stones we clench fall to the ground when we consider our own actions and thoughts. Who has shared of their sins, doubts, mistakes and been met with only blank, uncomprehending stares? In each others’ tales we see a reflection of our own fallen nature, and draw comfort from the many ways God restores us all.