There are only 4 weeks left of Ecola – FOUR!!! Ack, how crazy is that!

should have been posting more blog posts during the school year because I was learning so much it would have been easy to pass on bits now and then… but I was so busy processing it myself – and hanging out with my fellow students (that is, busy with this crazy thing called “living life”) – I just didn’t have time!

The speakers’ names and faces are starting to blur together, as much I don’t want them to. My mind’s pretty full. And I am looking forward to taking this head knowledge and living it out. Being here I have realized more the lack of Christians in the world that are truly living out their faith with boldness and openness, and it has greatly strengthened my resolve to reflect Christ. So I’m looking forward to leaving school so I can put into practice all I’ve learned… although I would not be adverse to coming back for the 2nd year program. 🙂 But right now that’s not in the plans.

Over 2/3rds of the students here applied for 2nd year, which means they have to turn down over 1/3 of the applicants…! The acceptance/rejection letters have been trickling in and it has been a joy and a sorrow to watch… My heart aches for those that do not get in. It is certainly a test of their faith that God knows best where their future should go.

And for me? I am looking forward to spending my first summer at home since I graduated. Over the last couple years when I’m home, my friends are gone, and when I’m gone, my friends are home! And my younger brothers are growing up, testing out their wings and poking their little toes out of the nest as they test the cold, scary waters of this whirlpool world! Ha ha! 😉 So I am looking forward to spending time with friends and family, hopefully working and earning a whole ‘eap ‘o money so I can spend it on something great like traveling… and more traveling… 🙂

There are a couple ideas/suggestions of what I could spend my summer but nothing definite I can share, I’m waiting on God’s confirmation. But I know it’ll be good!

Photos of the Alaska trip are coming soon!