After morning class we spent all afternoon in the sun today and I thought I would share it with you. 🙂

895760_10151625135746974_1352408867_o Crazy Oregon sea!

897717_10151625136711974_677969926_o Throwing bottles against the rocky cliffs to watch them shatter. We also made paper airplanes and tested them out.

897809_10151625118106974_2084408197_o We spotted a whale and several seals!

Reading 1 Timothy aloud

898085_10151625138556974_629970080_o We also made a jello gift for Tina in the Ecola office, inspired by ‘The Office’

900471_10151625138426974_623871692_oAnd then returning to campus and playing Boggle on the grass until dinnertime.

It’s fun to see everyone’s rosy faces after an abnormal day like this.

This week we have the classes 1 Timothy & Discipleship, with our Spring Banquet on Thursday. Next week will be our final class of Colossians, then graduation on Friday. Wow! I am excited to go home but it will definitely be bittersweet leaving all of these wonderful friends…