Last week of classes. Last week of spring term. Last Sunday at the local church. Last week for Awana. For turning in homework.  For walking to Haystack. For hanging out with these crazy brothers and sisters of mine. LAST WEEK OF ECOLA.

Oh goodness me.

As usual every day this last week has been jam-packed of amazing times with friends. My younger brother Kevin came to visit and got to sit in on almost all sessions of the classes 1 Timothy & Discipleship. He followed us everywhere so got to experience a typical week of Ecola which included: seeing the town, going to God’s Finger/God’s Thumb as seen on my last post, experiencing a beach bonfire and star-tripping, watching an Ecola Talent Show, playing some Catan, staying up late talking with people here, trying out some nighttime longboarding with most of the student body on the Seaside Promenade, helping out with a ‘carnival’ at the Cannon Beach Awana, having two classes on the grass outside because the weather was so gorgeous… and the list goes on.

That was my week as well, ending with a game of Fugitive after Friday evening classes. We were dropped off on the south end of the Promenade in Seaside and, in pairs, had to get to a bonfire 1.5 miles north without getting caught by second year students, who were patrolling in cars, bikes, longboards, and on foot. Abigail and I (or we have nicknamed ourselves, ‘Sherlock and Watson’) had a strategy called “run-and-don’t-get-caught”. Just kidding. 😉 We ran onto the beach and hid behind a log for about ten minutes, figuring the 2nd years would migrate down the streets as the students moved. Then we walked in the darkness by the shore… keeping our eyes peeled… stopping when the shadow of driftwood looked like a person and suspiciously examining it for movement… and we kept walking without event until we reached the bonfire. Turned out we had found the blind spot of the 2nd years, wa ha ha. So we had a rather uneventful time during the game, unlike those that chose to walk through the streets of Seaside and ran into a couple drunk people, saw a drug deal in progress… sketchy stuff like that and the reason why we were in pairs.

After Fugitive I slept for three hours and then drove with eleven other people to Saddle Mountain, a 2.5 mile climb. We started hiking at 4am with flashlights and headlamps (though the moon was full so graciously helped out a lot) and reached the top in perfect time for the sunrise. It was slightly cloudy but still beautiful, and it felt so good to be hiking again…

Well no more time for blogging, back to life. Some pictures below.