I’ve decided that my life looks kinda like this ->


Like the trajectory – what I’m aiming for – is continually changing, but if it weren’t for the trajectories I had in the past, I wouldn’t be on the path I am now. Even though a bunch of imaginings never became flesh, such as College of the Ozarks and doing the PCT on horses, having those ideas helped me to decide what I DID want to do, and brought me to wonderful adventures such as the Tetons (ah, still so planted in my heart!) and Ecola!

Well lately my flight path as I’ve flapped out of the nest of Ecola (ah I amuse myself) has looked like this: Ah, I am set forth into the work world once again! I know, I will get a job housecleaning (good pay) and start working right away! *Checks Craigslist*… Hmmm maybe I should actually work in the food industry. Again. Even better pay. Panera? Red Robin? Bellevue? Redmond? 

Over the last three weeks I have had at least seven job interviews, giving me plenty of practicing in wearing in too-tight dress shoes and trying not to feel like a kid playing dress-up… fortunately with my busing experience from last summer my resume looks a lot better, and the job industry is a bit more lively and welcoming than several years ago. And thanks to that one guest that once upon a breakfast angrily shook an empty coffee mug, I have sparkling answers to “Have you ever dealt with bad customers?” and other interview questions.

I was offered a job at Panera. The people I met were nice, the pay would be minimum (not bad in WA!), and I was going to start training on Saturday. Then came Thursday. I had an interview at my 3rd Red Robin location – the closest job to home I had interviewed for yet. The interview went awesome. The man (the server manager) really seemed to like me. Only problem was the general manager also had to meet me, and he wasn’t free until Monday… which was after I would start training at Panera. And I didn’t want Panera to start pouring money and training into me and then – Adios! – a few days later. So I had to make the choice between… a for-sure job at Panera or… the possibility of a job at Red Robin. It was the whole “bird in the hand or two birds in the bush?’ scenario. I hardly saw anything when I was driving around that day, I was so glazed over and turmoiled (wow, apparently ‘turmoiled’ is not an actual word. Well in my dictionary ’tis…). What to do, what to do? I didn’t know what the right choice was or if there was a right choice or if I even had to make a choice.

I dropped the job at Panera. And held my breath ’til Monday.

And I got the Red Robin job! 🙂

I start as a busser/host and will hopefully be able to move up to server before the end of this summer. Woot woot!

It’s been eight months since I last worked, hopefully I can remember how, ha ha! 😉

God as usual is so gracious to me. This job is close to home and in a town where one of my close friends live, so I can visit her. This job will also pay well since I will get minimum wage + tips, which will help me to save up for whatever is next.


On a completely different subject, we have KITTENS! I feel very sorry for all the other Ecolites who did not return home to find little furry bundles of cuteness living in a box on their porch.

We let them inside for a long time today and one actually settled down for a while and curled up on my lap.



But mostly they wobbled across the floor looking cute.






“Oh, hello. Why yes, I am completely adorable.”

4-IMG_5773“Please, pick me up and hold me,” it is saying.

Oh but you can’t. How sad.

I’ll just have to extra-enjoy these balls of fur with tails for you! 🙂