Have you ever noticed how music makes any task pleasurable?  A task I am not enthused about, or neutral, or all right about doing – when I realize I can crank up a CD player (remember those weird round things called CDs?) or stick my iPod in my pocket, suddenly I am excited to do the job.

Music makes everything better. Here are the combinations I’ve been enjoying this past week:

  • Listening to the soundtrack Wicked (“Well if that’s love, it comes at much too high a cost…”) while commuting to work. I love Idina Menzel’s voice, and it blends so well with Kristin Chenoweth’s. One of my big regrets in life is that I could not have seen the Broadway show while those two were playing Elphaba and Glinda. Well not a big regret… but still. Still.

If you haven’t heard them sing together check it out here. Of course I wouldn’t say I’m a great judge of singing ability… I still can’t figure out why people don’t like Russel Crowe’s voice! 😉

If I could have a great singing voice I would want to sound like Idina Menzel and my friend Kristy and Adele… combined.


  • Simon & Garfunkel (“Look around, leaves are brown, and the sky… is a hazy shade of winter”) while trying out watercolor paints. It’s really not a good idea to have a cup of something you’re drinking next to you while painting. It’s like there’s this evil back part of your brain that whispers as you reach to dip your brush in the water pot, telling your hand to “head for the coffee mug! Yessssss..” Every stinking time.



  • Michael Card (“The door that He opened was freedom, the door that He closed was your fear…”) while cooking chicken curry for Bible study. I don’t know why I decide to try out new recipes when ‘company’ is coming over for dinner… although really I was mixing an old and new recipe… But it did not help that we had no coconut milk OR tomato sauce and I needed both. Solution: shredded coconut + half & half, tomato paste + water, in the blender.

I love Michael Card. Combined with Don Francisco = balm for my soul.


  • David Crowder (“Can you overcome this heart that’s overcome?”) while working in the dishpit at Red Robin. Friday and Saturday I hosted/bussed from 10:30 in the morning until about 3:30pm, then got 2 hours off. I came back and hosted until 8:30pm, and got half an hour off to eat dinner. Then I worked as dishwasher from 9pm to 1:30am. That’s right. 1:30 AM. Then home for sleep before work again at 10:30 am. Good thing I had my iPod to keep me standing and working, so I didn’t have to listen to “I can’t change…” playing on the kitchen radio for the thousandth time.

Zoomed through my entire Crowder playlist then moved on to Mumford & Sons (And there will come a time, you’ll see, with no more tears. And love will not break your heart, but dismiss your fears. Get over your hill and see what you find there, with grace in your heart and flowers in your hair”).

Music makes everything so, so much better.


Side note: In case you didn’t know I have been considering doing the World Race sometime in the future… I would be on a team doing missions in 11 different countries over 11 months.

I know.
I love seeing everyone’s mouths drop when I tell them, and this blend of amazement/excitement/envy/longing comes into their eyes. Like when I mention you can work in national parks. It’s great letting people know of the possibilities that exist and expanding their world…

If I did do the World Race, I would want to do this route, which begins next July. Starts out with 4 eastern Europe countries, then 3 in Africa, then wraps up with INDIA, NEPAL, MONGOLIA, and CHINA. Oh man oh man!

Now that I’ve started considering doing the WR, I don’t know how I could NOT. It feels like a great choice of what to do next… but it is not a decision I want to make lightly. If you think of me, pray that God would show me if this is what I should pursue.

So many adventures to be had. 🙂