After two and a half months at Red Robin I’m “moving up”. I have now completed two days of server training. This is the job I’ve been aiming for for a while now. It has been hectic as I learn how to remember when to visit what tables, how to up-sell, how to use the computer systems, all the while giving the customers a calm and cheerful attitude. But it has also felt cool as I use the POS system, print out and close checks, carry around black books, and overall feel like “one of the servers”. Soon it will all become second nature, I’ll be making a bunch of tips, and making all of the birthday people happy with my vocal talents and off-beat clapping.

While in the store the other day I bought a package of pens so I would be prepared for the rest of my training and working as a server once I’m certified. Already I have quickly learned that pens are valuable items for a server! They are so easily lost and I was always trying to find one so the customer could sign his check! One of the servers remarked to me the other day, “Is it weird that I’m more concerned about whether I get my pen back than whether I get a tip?” Ha ha, it’s true!

As I am getting ready to step up and become “one of the servers”, a job that is in some ways more difficult and in other ways more plush, I have been thinking about the pinnacles in our lives. The levels we are always so intent on climbing. It seems like there is always “something more” we want, another rung in the ladder that we want to obtain. We like to look at people and sort everyone into “us” and “them”, with some people in this category, some people up there, some people here. And we always want to be up there but heaven forbid if we should ever, in even a small way or for a moment, be down there.

All of these categories and levels are man-made. As Christians we belong to a kingdom that runs by different rules, indeed completely opposite than how the world sees things. So often we get wrapped up with the world’s perspective and chase things that are here today, gone tomorrow. How different would we live if we saw everything… through heaven’s eyes?

Oh man I feel a song coming on… 😉


Regardless of where I am and what role I’m in, my responsibilities to my King remain the same: to demonstrate His love to others. “Server” is in some ways a title I am about to obtain. In other ways it has been my role ever since I choose permanent fealty under my Creator and King, Jesus. Right now I am ‘climbing’ according to the world and my family and friends are rejoicing with me. I’m getting what I’ve wanted. But what happens if God calls me to a low position I do not want? Will my heart resist? And would others understand? The ways of the Kingdom will and should look strange to the world. And while I am glad my hard work has been noticed and rewarded by my employer, I should count it no blow or dishonor to work a humbler job.

But for now I am enjoying where I’m at. And who knows, maybe I’ll get to spill some hot coffee on my future husband during one of my worst hair days ever! 😉