Ok, folks. A plea is coming. I really need your help.

After I got back from Ecola I was… bored. Lackadaisical. Lethargic and unsure how to occupy all of my free hours. At bible study I mentioned that I wanted something to do, and the very next day God proved yet again He hears and answers. A project sprang into being that will probably keep me busy for years. Or a year. Or months. It all depends on you.

Because I can’t do this alone.

Summer 009

It all started with my brother’s gigantic poster of the world that covers about half of one of his bedroom walls. Trying not to covet and aware he wasn’t going to let me steal it (like I do his art supplies…), I started searching the web to see how much it would cost to buy one of me very own (sic). The options weren’t looking as affordable as I would’ve liked so I started thinking… maybe I could just make my one. Pretty simple, right? From there it turned into an idea of a sort of art project/collage… Where every country was cut out of a different piece of paper or fabric. Then I thought… what if every country was made from something that came from that country??

Summer 012

Yeah, I know… I’m way over my head.

So far I’ve put together the outline and tied together some sticks that will go in the back. I’ve started collecting some fabric scraps but I still have quite a ways to go…

Here’s where you come in.

Anything helps. The countries range from the size of a dime to the size of a palm. A few, like America and China, are a bit bigger. I am looking for fabric, paper, paper currency. Pieces of packaging. Garbage! 🙂 Anything I can cut into the shape of the country. And I’m not going to be strict that it has to come from that country.

Summer 076

I’m not comfortable posting my address so if you have anything to contribute – or if your aunt does… or maybe that second cousin you talked to briefly at that family reunion fifteen years ago – just leave a comment and I can email it to you.
If you want to include a note telling me where the scrap came from, I’d love that. 🙂 And yes I am making up… every part of this… as I go.

Like they say, “anything helps”. 🙂