…that winter’s here.

The signs are showing up, as surely as they ever do.

After we return from a drive, the cats are drawn to the warm engines of our cars. They leave scatterings of little dusty pawprints on our cars’ hoods and up the windshields.

Coats are sprouting on the backs of every chair in Red Robin.

After a work shift my car’s lock freezes, requiring me to become a little more inventive on how I am get in and drive home.

Residing in the heart of our house, our wood stove is no longer just a cold piece of furniture to pile our things on, but has reverted to a devouring beast that we must daily feed. We hew trees from their original, towering size into smaller and smaller fragments until our little arms can lift and carry them, and then offer them to the miracle of fire so that our fragile beings can survive through fluctuations of temperature caused by earth’s wobbling travels.

Isn’t it interesting that fire is something that has to continually “kill” in order to “live”? Although I suppose us humans are the same way, we have to devour to stay alive… but back on topic.

The corners of our house are drafty and cold (sometimes not just cold but COLD!), so the family is drawn to the heart of the home where the heat beckons. There is a perfect reclining chair next to the stove (but only one!) and no one in our family is above using cunning tactics to trick someone else out of the chair.

I want to hug everything alive and warm I see. (I’m still hoping for a sloth this Christmas so I can carry it around with me and keep me warm. I’d settle for a koala.)

Tans are replaced by rosy cheeks.

The ground is frosty, and crunchy underfoot.

Yes, I can read the signs. Through careful deduction, my hypothesis is that winter has arrived. I may wait until all the facts are in to draw my verdict, but so far I’m pretty sure…

Oh, and it snowed. That too.





And then I made homemade eggnog. Which definitely makes it winter. Because who ever heard of a mug of homemade eggnog in the summer? 🙂