Well it was that time of year again. The finale is over, leaving behind an lingering air of excitement – at least in Seattle and among Seahawk fans. 😉

It really is too bad there wasn’t much competition in this year’s Superbowl. While I was a bit caught up too in the “Seahawks” fever going on among us locals and loyal to the home team, I really just wanted a good football game. You know, one of those nail-biters where it’s a close tie until the end of the game. Overtime preferable. But ah well, we won the Superbowl (for the first time!) so I guess I’ll be content. 😉

I wanted to share this movie with you. Not only am I glad the Seahawks played extremely well this year, and that all of their hard work paid off today, but I am proud of the team because of the characters of the coach and the players. From what I have seen (when I half-watch the games), there is a lack of the drama, flaunting, and temper that you see in other teams when they win/lose.

With the spotlight on these Seahawks players – especially now – I appreciate that they are vocal of their faith, and strive to set an good example that people looking up to them can follow. Such people are rare, nowadays. 🙂